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A Quick Guide to Tinted Lenses – (Ophthalmic Tints)

There are plenty of ophthalmic tints (non-clear lenses) available when choosing a pair of eye glasses or sunglasses

These days, there are no shortage of options when it comes to lenses for eye glasses. There’s blue blocking lenses, anti-glares, photochromic lenses and several others. There are plenty of lens options for sunglasses as well, which include gradient lenses, polarized, mirror coated lenses and much more. But why are there so many different SHADES of glasses and sunglasses? Are there any benefits in using different colors? What do the different tints mean? Should I try something else? These are all valid questions and the following information about ophthalmic tints (basically any non-clear lens) should clear things up a bit. […]

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Got a Contact Lens Stuck in your Eye? Here’s what to do:

Sometimes your contact lenses get stuck, shift around, or even disappear altogether

Most of the time, contact lens care is a smooth process. But sometimes your contacts get stuck, they shift around, or even disappear altogether. If you’ve been wearing contacts for a significant amount of time, you know what I’m talking about. The cause of these (mostly) minor problems can be the result of one or several different reasons. Maybe you haven’t been taking the best care of your contact lenses? Maybe you’ve been sleeping or napping in them? Or maybe a simple mistake occurred which was out of your hands. Simply put, you’ll never know when a contact lens issue […]

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8 Eye Safety Tips for a Happy Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is one of the highest ocular emergency days of the year

As it turns out, the Fourth of July is one of the highest ocular emergency days of the year. No need to explain this notion because we’ve all heard stories of harmless celebrations gone drastically wrong. Sure, setting off fireworks can be a lot of fun, but it’s usually a good idea to leave the more advanced aspects to professionals. Especially to avoid an eye (or other) injury. To maximize your Fourth of July experience this summer, keep the following eye safety tips in mind: Keep Children Away from Fireworks The old adage “it’s better safe than sorry” applies here. […]

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5 Key Takeaways from Optometry’s Meeting (2018) in Denver

Engagement with your profession remains one of the best reasons to attend large scale industry events

Optometry’s Meeting (2018) – came and went this past weekend in the Rocky Mountain city of Denver. Festivities included the House of Delegates (Optometry’s Voice), Essilor’s Optometry Student Bowl™ XXVII, the Optometry Cares® 5K Run/Walk, the National Optometry Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and a whole host of other guest speakers, events and continuing education. One could obviously get lost in a sea of eye health related functions and activities at this large scale event. However, it was in my best interest to stay focus and corral some of the main ideas from my experience. Here are 5 key takeaways […]

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7 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Summer

As summertime rolls around, most people are looking forward to spending more time with family and more time outdoors

Change is a good thing and it’s happening all around us today. Cities are changing, technology is changing and (best of all) the weather is changing. As summertime (2018) rolls around, most people are looking forward to activities which include more time spent with the family and more time outdoors. Those activities also include (typically) lighter clothes, colder drinks and a fashionable pair of sunglasses. Speaking of sunglasses, the summertime definitely is NOT the time of year to forget them at home. It’s also not the best time to neglect your eye health. That said, the following summer eye health […]

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Eyes on Tech – Google’s Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing from Google is an upgrade to a platform of applications designed to minimize smartphone distractions

No matter what your feelings toward privacy may be, maximizing the potential of technology is always a step in the right direction. If any given user is concerned about her/his health, Google’s Digital Wellbeing certainly offers several usable tools. But there’s a catch. Google and Apple products aren’t necessarily compatible with one another. User access across both platforms isn’t impossible at all (especially from the Apple side), but it’s not ideal either. If you’re an Apple user, product integration of built-in features is seamless, which is why I believe Apple has a definitive advantage in this game. And Apple users […]

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Eyes on Tech – Screen Time (iOS 12)

Later this year, Apple is set to take parental control options to the next level with the Screen Time feature for iOS 12

Screen Time for iOS 12 is due out this fall (public beta, late June 2018) – and all I can say is I feel really bad for parents who didn’t get to take advantage of this feature. Sure, Apple is a bit late to the parental control party, but their appearance is anticipated because their user base is massive (obviously) and ease of access is extremely important, especially now that we know how addictive smartphones can be for adults and children alike. Features: One of the main features of Screen Time will be Activity Reports, which show users how much […]

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Eyes on Tech – 5 Parental Control Options for Smartphone Binging

There are several apps available to assist parents in monitoring the smartphone use of their children

I can’t start this post any better than Nara Schoenberg did recently in the Chicago Tribune. The title of her article contains a phrase we’ve all heard before, but in a different context: “Want to limit your tween’s smartphone use this summer? There’s an app for that.” The title means exactly what it says because there are several apps available to assist parents in monitoring the smartphone use of their children. Now this may seem a bit draconian (from a child or tween’s standpoint), but a give and take relationship is probably in the best interest of eye health as […]

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Biofinity Energys – “Designed to enhance eye function in today’s digital world”

In today's battle against digital eyestrain, advancements are being made on both the software and hardware sides

Like most people in my age group, I’m a big fan of technology. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to check my email every ten seconds, google an answer to most of my questions and speak my mind in 140 characters or less (although tweets are definitely getting longer). Without technology, I’d also have to pick up the phone to make a dinner reservation. I’d have to walk to the street corner to catch a cab. And I wouldn’t be able to post pictures of my life that make me look cooler than I actually am (guilty as charged). It […]

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Optical Innovations (cont’d) – Computer Eyewear

One of the best options for preventing digital eyestrain is computer eyewear or lenses that filter out harmful blue light

In the grand scheme of things, digital eyestrain is a fairly new occurrence. As early as a couple decades ago, many people didn’t even think twice about staring at their monitors all day long. Fast-forward to today and there’s smartphones, tablets, readers and laptops along with a whole host of physical ailments that come with device overuse. Luckily for us, we have options for preventing digital eyestrain. One of the best options is computer eyewear or lenses (glasses) that filter harmful blue light. The computer eyewear space has definitely become a bit crowded as of late so there’s many choices. […]