Allergan recently announced FDA approval for a prescription eye drop called VUITY, the first and only FDA-approved eye drop to treat presbyopia, a condition which affects nearly half of the U.S. adult population.

Commonly known as age-related blurry near vision, presbyopia has always been treated with prescription glasses and contact lenses. However, due to the overall vastness of the condition, the market has now expanded to include eye drops as a treatment.

VUITY™ is a daily, prescription eye drop that works in as early as 15 minutes and lasts up to 6 hours, as measured on day 30, to improve near and intermediate vision without impacting distance vision. (1)

More about presbyopia:

Presbyopia is a common and progressive eye condition that reduces the eye’s ability to focus on near objects and usually impacts people after age 40. In a non-presbyopic eye, the clear lens behind the iris can change shape and focus light to the retina, making it easier to see things up close. In a presbyopic eye, the clear lens hardens and does not change shape as easily, making it difficult to focus on near objects. (1)

Symptoms of presbyopia:

  • eye strain or headaches from near work (reading, etc.)
  • difficulty reading small print
  • holding near work at arm’s length just to be able to see
  • problems focusing on near objects
  • squinting

It should be noted that certain conditions increase the risk of presbyopia, including: diabetes, anemia, and cardiovascular disease. Alcohol, anti-depressants, and other prescription or over-the-counter medications can also reduce your eye’s ability to focus on close objects.

The VUITY difference:

“Most adults cope with presbyopia, or difficulty with near vision, as we age. Beginning around the age of 40, many find themselves using reading glasses, holding text further away, or even increasing the font size and lighting on screens to try to see more clearly,” said Michael Severino, M.D., vice chairman and president, AbbVie (Allergan parent company).

“We are proud to offer VUITY as a first-of-its-kind once-daily eye drop that we believe will change the way people and their eye doctors approach presbyopia. The FDA approval of VUITY exemplifies our continued pursuit of innovative new treatments that push the boundaries of what’s possible in eye care.” (1)

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VUITY™ is available only by prescription. Please consult with your eye doctor to see if VUITY™ is the right medication for you.

Dr. Maria Pribis works in private practice in Stamford, Connecticut, where she specializes in anterior segment disease with a focus on the ocular surface. She anticipates her own need for VUITY™ in her mid to late forties.