The start of a new school year is right around the corner — maybe it’s already begun. If I can remember correctly, this is the time when students of all ages make a last-minute scramble to prepare.

Assuming procrastination is the norm, it’s probably a good idea to squeeze in an eye exam as well. Several studies suggest our ability to learn is directly connected to our ability to see.

Furthermore, the challenges posed by another year of school can be difficult enough — hitting the books, playing sports, socializing, extra curricular activities, etc. Without question, those challenges can be enhanced by vision problems.

Whether you’re in middle school, high school, or grad school, the following tips should help you keep your eyes healthy all semester (and all year) long:

Stay Organized

Purchase a planner and make good use of it. This will greatly enhance your homework & study schedule


Keep a healthy balance between schoolwork & extra-curricular activities. Get involved in as many things that attract your interest, but eventually close in on your strengths and develop them in addition to your studies.

Get Enough Sleep

Shutting those eyes at night will help to keep you alert & focused throughout the day.

Wake Up Early

Working ahead of the clock is a great way to prepare. And be sure to factor in some time for a solid breakfast. Some protein & healthy fats should do the trick (a couple of eggs for example).

Drink Water

This keeps your eyes from feeling dry. Proper hydration also promotes cardiovascular health, healthy skin, and so much more.

Limit Computer Work

If this isn’t possible, any time spent away from the computer should be maximized. Keep in mind the 20-20-20 rule. Every twenty minutes, look twenty feet away for twenty seconds.

Stay Active

Try not to blow off gym class this year. Incorporating good exercise habits will make for a lifetime of good health.

Pack Your Glasses

If you wear contacts, it’s a good idea to keep your glasses handy. You should keep some artificial tears on hand as well. When you get home for the day, be sure to remove those contacts to give your eyes some breathing time.

Block Blue Light

Use Night Shift on your iPhone. Use NightTone on your Mac. Use F.lux on your Mac or PC.

Enjoy The Process

Being a student is a great life experience, but it goes by fast. Be sure to stop and smell the proverbial roses along the way. Making good decisions is a great habit to get into. And the best time to start is right now.