As the month of September begins, I feel the need to get back on a schedule. Summer’s coming to an end (let’s face it), so is baseball season. The school year is starting fresh and there’s even a slight chill in the air. Time to make some new goals to maximize efficiency for the last four months of the year. When it comes to your eyes, you want to keep them optimized so you can do your best work every day. You want to Live in Your OcularPrime (so to speak). But Living in Your OcularPrime isn’t only about maximizing your eye health. It’s about putting the whole package together.

It’s about committing to consistency across the entire spectrum of health. It’s about taking proper eye care measures AND eating healthy AND staying fit AND getting enough sleep AND a healthy work/life balance (so on and so forth). It sounds like I’m preaching to choir in this article, but there’s actually a lot of difficulty in applying the fundamentals. Let’s face it, everybody wants to be the Los Angeles Lakers (famous for Showtime) and nobody wants to be the San Antonio Spurs (famous for being fundamentally sound). Lots of players would be happy scoring 30 points while shooting less than fifty percent from the field. But maybe dishing out 8 or 9 assists or contributing a double/double is the way to go?

The same thing applies to our health and we all make excuses from time to time. For example, I’ll catch up on sleep during the week, it’s only one (or two) donut(s), I’ll hit up the gym tomorrow (and hit up happy hour today), I forgot my sunglasses at home. I’m not vilifying any of the aforementioned behaviors (well, except for forgetting your sunglasses), but we all know certain behaviors are more beneficial than others. Simply put, grasping the fundamentals help us stay in control and we want to stay in control of our health as long as possible. Of course, there are several unfortunate occurrences in healthcare and a decent amount of bad luck as well. But “burning the candle at both ends” can most certainly lead to a blowout and we see examples of that every day.

Become an expert in the fundamental aspects of health:

All this being said, consistency means something different to each person. A good starting point would be to learn about yourself and your habits, then figure out the best way to move forward. Solidifying the following fundamentals is a good place for anybody to start.

Make a Plan

You know yourself better than anyone else (of course). That said, have a plan for the day and do your best to stick to it. It may be best to make this plan the night before.

Be Mindful… Especially of Your Food

Do you really want to set the precedence for a day by making the wrong food choices? Try eating something healthy upon waking, then pause for a little bit to see how you feel. Do this instead of eating or drinking something with too much sugar without even paying attention.

Get to the Gym

The benefits of exercise can’t be stated enough. If you can incorporate an hour of intense exercise a few times a week, this will work wonders against any unhealthy eating (or drinking) habits you may have. It will also counteract a significant amount of the time we spend sitting down.

Put Down the Smartphone

Do you want to browse social media and/or check emails in your spare time? Or would you rather learn something from reading a good book. Sure, you actually have to read the book to find the good stuff, but good things come to those who wait. Your eyes will thank you too.

Stick to a Sleep Routine

Human beings are hard-wired for activity during the day and sleep during the night. I understand your nightlife will fight this every step of the way, but it’s something to consider if you’re concerned about your health.