Let’s face it, no house wants to be the “healthy treats” house on the block during Halloween. The trick-or-treaters will move in the opposite direction once word gets out. It’s also not a good idea to give out quarters and advise trick-or-treaters to spend them wisely. Maybe a more logical goal would be to add healthier options to your Halloween treat basket. For instance, you could offer fruit and/or granola bars (and such) alongside candy. I’ve tried this before and trick-or-treaters almost always choose the healthier option. At the very least, they choose one healthy option AND a piece of candy (for good measure). This promotes healthy eating and good decision making. That said, think about shaking up your Halloween basket this year, and consider some of the following healthy alternatives:

  • Nutrition bars
  • These days, there are too many options in the nutrition bar aisle of the grocery store. Moreover, most bars won’t vibe with the palette of your average trick-or-treater. But not all options are repulsive. The following choices are of the tastier variety and might grab the attention of a trick-or-treater before grabbing the candy:

  • Fruit
  • The humble piece of fruit (apple, banana, orange) might go down as the most ridiculed treat in the history of Halloween. Well, maybe not if you toss in popcorn balls and raisins. However, fruit does add some variety to your treat basket. Out of pity, the trick-or-treater may even choose the fruit over candy. If the trick-or-treater can’t bear a guilty conscious, she/he might actually eat the piece of fruit. Hey, all is fair when it comes to health and nutrition.

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  • Dark chocolate
  • If you opt for the higher end brands, eating dark chocolate (within reason) is actually good for your health. It’s scientifically proven the help with:

    • Cognitive function
    • Heart health
    • Blood pressure
    • Healthy cholesterol levels

  • Organic alternatives
  • If you search hard enough (and have some extra cash laying around), there’s an organic option for almost every treat out there. Love Jelly Beans? Surf Sweets goes the organic route. How about potato chips? Try Kettle Brand. Gummy treats? Brandless offers a healthier option to Sour Patch Kids. If rice crispy treats are your thing, Made Good might make good for you. These options may be a bit pricier than popular alternatives, but consider it an investment in good health.

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