A few short years back, Dr. Maria Pribis was named the state of Connecticut’s Young Optometrist of the Year, a title she received through becoming a local advocate for the optometry industry as well as providing a wide range of primary eye care services such as vision testing, eyewear prescriptions, contact lens care, and the diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface disorders such as dry eye and glaucoma. She used the honor to springboard her online blog entitled OcularPrime, a website used to showcase her thoughts about the world of health and eye care, into more of a multi-media platform because (1.) the space is largely unexplored and could use another female voice and (2.) there seems to be a shortage of female founders not only in the medical industry, but in every industry.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Maria completed the bulk of her studies at the University of Pittsburgh before honing her skills at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry where she graduated with high honors. After nearly 10 years in private practice, she’s come to realize that information is the key to improving one’s (eye) health and preventing (ocular) disease. Gathering useful information also plays a vital role in every healthcare decision we make from choosing the right doctors to eating the right foods to selecting the right pair of glasses or contact lenses to picking the right workout (you get the picture).

When Maria’s not in the office, she participates in clinical research for contact lens studies and teaches optometry board review courses at several colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. She’s also gaining steam as a national and international lecturer in the field of optometry and healthcare. If that’s not enough, she’s also a huge fan of the New York Yankees and the University of Connecticut’s Women’s Basketball team, but that’s a different story for a different day because sometimes her emotions get the best of her.

To quote Dr. Pribis: “My intent is to teach the prevention of blindness to as many people as possible. I created OcularPrime to help my readers understand where healthy foods and nutritional supplements can be found. I also want OcularPrime to assist patients in their research of new products such as glasses and contact lenses, which will allow for a more informed visit to the eye doctor during regular checkups. My goal is to pass along real-time advice, which can be implemented into your busy schedule and empower you with ideas to keep your vision intact.”

One full year after giving birth to her first child, Maria has a new-found focus on creative and strategic direction. As of right now, her website is a mash-up headed for the intersection of eye health and lifestyle, innovation and technology, nutrition and fitness, culture and storytelling (so on and so forth). If you pay attention, she’ll always be encouraging you to “Live in Your OcularPrime,” which is a short phrase designed to support a commitment to consistency across the entire health spectrum for those who want to become the best version of themselves. This could be because your eye doctor can gain a glimpse of your overall health by taking a peek into the providers of your most precious sense, the eyes.

Dr. Maria Pribis

Dr. Maria Pribis