No matter how you celebrate, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year (according to the popular song, at least).

If you’ve been nice during the 2018 calendar year, you should expect to receive some love in return for the love you’ve given to the special people in your life. However, if you’re on the naughty list, do try your best not to “scrooge” it up for everyone else. Regardless of which list you find yourself on, you’re probably ready to relax, celebrate and wind down 2018 (and rightfully so). That said, be sure to enjoy yourself and remember to follow these eye healthy holiday tips.

OcularPrime’s top three gift ideas for 2018:

  1. NutriBullet Pro
  2. Here at OcularPrime, nutrition, fitness and wellness are the themes of the 2018 holiday season. Well, they’re pretty much recurring themes all year long, but worthy of special emphasis as the year comes to an end. On the nutrition front, the NutriBullet Pro can help your body get the nutrients it needs. It can also help you save time and set the tone for your day. Granted you can’t always control what happens during the middle of the day, but you definitely have a say in how it begins and ends. If you plan to start your day on the right foot, toss a bunch of your favorite fruits and veggies into this handy device. Then blend it up and enjoy a blast of nutrition on the go.

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  3. OrangeTheory Fitness
  4. In the fitness category, OrangeTheory is our suggestion if you’re gifting gym memberships (or class packs) this year. Okay, so we’re a little bit late to the table because OrangeTheory has been popular for a few years now, but 2018 was actually the first time we tried it and we loved it. That said, if you give the gift of OrangeTheory this holiday season, the recipient should be able to keep a healthy waistline (over the holidays) while potentially setting the tone to achieve fitness goals in 2019.

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  5. Self Journal
  6. If cord-cutting is a priority this holiday season (or maybe for a couple days this holiday season), the Self Journal can help you organize your thoughts. The Self Journal goes against the trend of digital productivity apps and encourages users to actually write things down. And if my memory serves me correctly, you forget a large percentage of the things you don’t write down. Sure you can type your daily tasks into into a digital device, but that defeats the purpose of a digital detox. And if you’re not going to do a digital detox now, good luck when things pick back up in the new year.

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Eye healthy holiday eating tips:

For the sake of our vision, let’s keep in mind those eye health foods for the holiday season. Many of these nutrients may not be on the menu during this time of year, but consider them anyway because you never know when you’ll need a snack. To review, the following is a list of carotenoids and the foods that contain them:

  • Lutein – dark leafy greens, egg yolks
  • Zeaxanthin – orange bell peppers
  • Meso-zeaxanthin – wild caught seafood

The following is a list of anti-oxidants and fatty acids along with foods that contain them:

  • Beta-carotene – carrots, sweet potatoes
  • Vitamin C – red bell peppers, citrus fruits
  • Vitamin E – almonds, sweet potatoes
  • Omega 3’s – walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds

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Practice eye safety during outdoor activities:

UV rays from sunlight can be harmful to your eyes, but UV rays mixed with snow glare can cause even more damage. If you’re going skiing this holiday season, be sure to bring along your sunglasses and/or ski goggles. Keep in mind, extended time on the slopes without proper eyewear can increase the risk of:

  • Cataracts
  • Snow Blindness
  • Unhealthy Eye Growths (tumors or lesions)

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