“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” but only if you’ve been nice. If you’re on the naughty list this holiday season, try not to “scrooge” it up for everyone else.

But regardless of which list you find yourself on, you’re probably ready to “jingle all the way.” In that case, have a blast & follow these Eye Healthy Holiday Tips.

Gifts Ideas:

My top three gift ideas for 2016:

  • Gym Membership
  • Jump Rope
  • Cornhole

A trial gym membership can provide motivation as the new year approaches. If you go this route, try to pick a gym that offers modern style group classes (Crossfit, HIIT, SoulCycle, etc).

Jumping rope is one of the best exercises anyone can do. If choosing a rope, make sure to keep speed in mind (the better they get, the faster they’ll go). Eventually, you’ll be able to introduce Double Unders.

Cornhole isn’t only for tailgate parties. It’s actually a great way to work on hand eye coordination. It also breeds friendly competition.

Outdoor Activities:

UV rays from sunlight can be harmful to your eyes. But UV rays mixed with snow glare can cause even more damage. If you’re going skiing this holiday season, be sure to bring along your sunglasses and/or ski goggles.

Extended time on the slopes (without proper eyewear) can increase the risk of:

  • Cataracts
  • Snow Blindness
  • Unhealthy Eye Growths (tumors or lesions)

In the Kitchen:

For the sake of our vision, let’s remember those eye healthy foods. The following is a list of carotenoids and the foods that contain them:

  • Lutein – Dark leafy greens and egg yolks
  • Zeaxanthin – Orange bell peppers
  • Meso-zeaxanthin – Wild caught seafood

The following is a list of anti-oxidants & fatty acids and the foods that contain them:

  • Beta-carotene – Carrots and sweet potatoes
  • Vitamin C – Red bell peppers and citrus fruits
  • Vitamin E – Almonds and sweet potatoes
  • Omega 3’s – Walnuts, flax and chia seeds

Some of these foods may not be appropriate for the holiday season, but healthy snacks in between larger meals might be a good idea.

Treats for Santa:

Let’s face it, poor Santa doesn’t stand a chance if he’s eating Oreo’s all night. Even if he does make every stop along the way, he won’t feel too good in the morning.

In my next post, I’ll share my recipe for Eye Healthy Gingerbread Cookies.