The end of October is here, and so is the spookiest day of the year. As frightening as it may sound, we shouldn’t be scared into neglecting our eye health. Even though many real-life horror stories revolve around eye injuries obtained during festivities, disaster can be avoided with a proper plan of action. The following tips should make for an eye healthy Halloween experience.

Use contact lens caution

Unless you want to be like these people, it’s not a good idea to purchase contacts from unreliable sources. Ideally, your eye doctor can fit you into lenses that are FDA approved and safe. If you choose to wear non-FDA approved cosmetic contact lenses, you could be at risk for corneal infection. If that’s not bad enough, some corneal infections are severe enough to cause vision loss. Even worse, you may need surgery to repair the damage. In a nutshell, if your decorative contact lenses are giving you trouble, take them out because the hassle isn’t worth it.

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Be mindful of your eye makeup

Makeup may indeed be a significant part of the dressing up process, but you don’t want to make a mistake in this regard. That said, do your best to steer clear of water proof makeup. Also try to avoid eyeliner along the watermark of the eyelid, which can cause oil glands to become blocked. Furthermore, try not to use false lashes as well. The glue in false lashes contain formaldehyde, which can be extremely irritating to the eyes. And swollen red eyes are not fun no matter how great the costume looked the night before.

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Exercise good judgment when choosing a costume

Some people participate in Halloween festivities, some don’t participate at all, and some people go all out. If you choose to go all out with your costume, it’s best to use good judgment to keep your health and safety (and the health and safety of others) at the forefront. Try to avoid masks (or other costume props) that block your vision. The bulk of halloween activities (like trick-or-treating) usually take place in dim settings. Try not to compound the problem being that it’s already dark. Also try to avoid sharp objects involved in complicated costumes and carry a flashlight just in case you encounter the boogeyman.

Don’t eat too much candy

Consuming a large amount of candy will wreak havoc on your blood sugar. This isn’t a good thing, especially if you’re diabetic. Diabetic or not, copious amounts of sugar isn’t good for anybody’s health so it may be a good idea to eat a full meal before trick-or-treating (or taking grabbing a handful of goodies from the trick-or-treaters). Before you indulge, try to balance it out by taking in some anti-oxidants. My favorite way to up the anti-oxidants is to drink a smoothie. This way the excess veggies balance out the sugar.

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Workout before the festivities

Building up a sweat is a great way to detoxify. That said, a workout the day after Halloween might be the best you can do. But it’s also a good idea to get a workout in before the start of the festivities, which could guard against future bad (dietary) decisions. Several gyms and/or fitness facilities offer Halloween incentive programs, which may include a program leading up to Halloween or an intense workout on Halloween day. Needless to say, it might be a good idea to lean on your gym buddies during this time.

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Increase your H2O intake

Water takes up plenty of space in our stomachs. If we drink enough of it, we’ll feel more full. This can trick the brain into thinking no food is needed, which is a good thing if large amounts of candy is accessible. However, if you can’t avoid a sugar overload, make sure to hydrate properly to flush out your system. Proper hydration is always a good first step on the road to recovery.

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