Computer Vision Syndrome makes the eyes feel tired, strained and uncomfortable. If we’re not careful, it can also to lead to a lower level of efficiency in the workplace (e.g. spaghetti code or mangled excel sheets). Luckily for us, we can take several precautions to help our eyes function at their best, especially at work.

Here’s a list of eight ways to reduce digital eyestrain and optimize your time behind the computer:

Turn on the Lights

If your computer screen is the only source of light in the room, your eyes will tend to focus on it. Try to make sure you’re sitting in a well-lit room or keep a desk lamp close by.

Use F.lux (or something similar)

Remember to block out excess blue light on your computer screen using programs like F.lux, NightShift or NightTone.

Be Mindful of Posture

Try not to hunch over at your desk, and don’t be afraid to overemphasize posture at times. Eye problems are no fun to deal with, but eye AND lower back problems are even worse.

Keep Your Distance

Your computer screen is best at a full arms length away from your eyes.

Limit Smartphone Use

If it’s not work related, don’t reach for your smartphone every time it buzzes. Make it a point to check your phone periodically (once every hour or so), but still keep it on hand for emergency situations.

Stay Hydrated

Over the course of the day, it’s best to drink enough water to keep your eyes hydrated.

Place More Value on Social Interactions

Try to spend more time interacting with work and/or classmates to keep your eyes off screens. AND NO, social media DOESN’T count.

Take a Break

Consider closing your eyes for a few minutes, or walk around if you can. It may be appropriate to apply a “Think Blink” or the 20/20/20 rule on your breaks as well.