In the grand scheme of things, digital eyestrain is a fairly new occurrence. As early as a couple decades ago, many people didn’t even think twice about staring at their monitors all day long. Fast-forward to today and there’s smartphones, tablets, readers and laptops along with a whole host of physical ailments that come with device overuse.

Luckily for us, we have options for preventing digital eyestrain. One of the best options is computer eyewear or lenses (glasses) that filter harmful blue light.

The computer eyewear space has definitely become a bit crowded as of late so there’s many choices. But keep in mind, it’s best not to sacrifice quality for the latest fad, whatever it may be. Since your eye doctor knows best, some of his/her recommendations may include the following brands.

You can check out the websites for these brands for a further description.

It’s important to note that all blue light isn’t bad. The key role of blue light filtering technology is to block harmful blue light (415 – 455nm), yet allow beneficial blue light in (> 455nm). If done properly, a healthy circadian rhythm can be maintained, which is beneficial to our sleep/wake cycle.

Sleep tight.