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The importance of vision screening programs

This article is the third article of a series exploring health disparities with an emphasis on vision care. You can read the first part here and the second part here. Introduction Global public health disparities are incredibly pressing, especially so for vision care. A recent article in the American Journal of Public Health reports that 90% of visual impairments occur in low- […]

The effects of cultural stigma and health literacy…

Introduction As humans, our species is truly unique in our intrinsic ability to understand and interpret complex systems of thought and behavior. Through thousands of years of imagination, creation, and reflection, we’ve created cultural systems that affect the lives of billions. Indeed, our different cultures mold every facet of our communities, from our day-to-day interactions […]

Socioeconomic factors contributing to disproportionate rates of visual impairments…

Analyzing health inequalities on a global scale: In 2019, the World Health Organization reported that over 2 billion people suffer from a visual impairment, almost 90% of whom live in developing countries. This disproportionate percentage is an unfortunate product of health inequalities manifesting on a global scale. Health inequality is interwoven with other societal factors, such as employment, […]