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Tommy Kail.

Tommy Kail is an ambitious co-founder of the successful digital agency, OcularPrime. A master of content marketing and a skilled writer, Tommy also excels in search engine marketing (SEM). His passion for college football and basketball can be seen on the weekends and he has been devoted to his five year old daughter since she was born. Recently splitting his time between Connecticut and South Florida to ensure he can spend quality time with both his family and business ventures, it's safe to say Tommy is living life to the fullest. Tommy is an advocate for utilizing technology to its full potential, especially in communication and marketing. His experience with digital media has granted him the ability to create powerful campaigns that reach a wide audience. He is currently working on projects which implement artificial intelligence (AI) into furthering his clients' mission and goals. Tommy also runs his own personal blog, where he shares his insights on the industry and how to use technology for business success. Above all else, Tommy's top priority is providing value to those he works with. Whether it is through offering advice or creating innovative campaigns, he always puts forth 110%. It is this dedication that has helped him build a successful career in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Tommy Kail is an innovative co-founder of OcularPrime Digital, a leader in content marketing strategies and SEM solutions. His expert writing and entrepreneurial spirit have propelled him to success in the tech space. When he's not busy working on his business, Tommy enjoys watching college football and basketball. He also cherishes time spent with his five year old daughter, splitting his time between Connecticut and South Florida. Tommy's tenacity and ambition make him an inspiring professional within the digital sphere.

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