About Dr. Maria Pribis

Live in Your OcularPrime…


My name is Dr. Maria Pribis. I’m the founder of OcularPrime and a board certified optometrist who specializes in ocular surface disease and dry eye prevention. I’m also a wife, an educator, a weekend traveler, and a Yankees fan (no apologies) who splits time between Lower Manhattan and Connecticut. My goal is to provide useful information regarding eye health because vision is our most valuable sense.

I created OcularPrime to encourage a more informed visit to the eye doctor. I want my website to assist you when researching new products such as glasses and contacts. I also want to help you understand the benefits of eye healthy foods, nutritional supplements, and more. My intent is to pass along real-time advice, which can be implemented into your busy schedule. This way, YOU will be empowered with ideas to keep YOUR health and vision intact.

Over the course of seven years in private practice, I’ve studied dozens and dozens of thought provoking cases. As a result of my studies, I’ve come to realize that understanding useful information and applying useful information are two separate ideas. There happens to be a major difference between preventing ocular disease and passively waiting for disease to occur, the key is actively taking charge. My major moment of realization occurred after I began to apply this theory to my personal life. Since that time, I’ve taken a bunch of small steps. But over time, those small steps have added up. As a result, I’ve been able to enjoy a more complete life. I’ve also been able to give better advice to my patients and answer their questions more accurately.

No matter where your position on the health spectrum is located, we can all apply a few simple measures to improve ourselves. Healthy living takes a bit more effort, but it’s well worth it in the long run. If you can take small steps on a daily, or even weekly basis, those small steps will add up. Over time, you’ll be able to notice the difference. Your life will become more full and you’ll have more time and energy to focus on what really matters.

So check in with me every now and again. Some of my recommendations may be easy to apply, some may be a bit harder. We all know that nothing in life worth having comes easy. That said, never be afraid to take the necessary steps to better yourself. And always LIVE IN YOUR OCULARPRIME.